General Information

Nevsehir: Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage for its Cappadocia district, Nevsehir fascinates visitors with its natural and historical attractions.

Nevsehir, with its settlements dating back to 7000 BC lived under the rule of many different civilizations. The city was taken by the Ottoman Empire in 1466, and became a province in 1954.

It is possible to sightsee many open-air museums, natural rock churches, valleys and underground cities which are still in good condition today. The Turkish philosopher Haci Bektas Veli and Grand Vizier Damat İbrahim Pasha who lived in this area, contributed to the cultural and touristic development of the city.

Nevsehir is located exactlyat the mid-point of Turkey at the volcanic region between the mountains Erciyes and Hasan. The province is under the effect of the continental climate and is warm and dry during the summer while it is cold and rainy during the winter.

Cappadocia, which has attracted attention for its impressive carstic landscape and natural formations, has also become an important filming location. World famous movies like Star Wars and Ghost Rider 3 were filmed in this area.

You are always welcome to take a tour with a hot air balloon, if you want to view Nevsehir and the natural wonder of Cappadocia from hundresds of meters above the ground!


Shaped by the hand of nature, getting lost in this unique city is as intriguing as knowing which direction to go!

The rock churches, built by the early Christians who had settled in the area, are among the must-see sites of Nevsehir. Built as strongholds, the churches are home to the most significant Byzantine frescoes of the era.

The Haci Bektas-i Veli Museum possesses a fairly large treasure comprised of works of Turkish - Islamic art put on display while the Haci Bektas Archaeology and Ethnograghy Museum receives many visitors for its variety of artifacts.

While the Hittite Rock Inscription near the Crater Lake, Acıgöl, sheds light on ancient history; the underground cities, each of them longer than the other, open doors to a completely different world.

Hot air balloon tours and Cappadocia are the first things that come to mind when Nevsehir is mentioned. Organized early in the morning, you will catch hold of wonderful details of the city, nature and history and feel mesmerized by the view of the landscape.

Avanos is famous for its pottery and pottery workshops, you will find the opportunity to sit at a pottery wheel and craft your own ceramic cup. The pottery masters allow you to keep the item as a gift.

The world-famous hand-made silk carpets of Cappadocia are adorned with Anatolian motifs and the most beautiful examples of these carpets are produced in this region.

The special wines produced by the local people from the grapes collected from their own vineyards are the first choice of wine lovers looking for a high quality wine with a saturated taste. The wine producers of the region organize also wine tasting events and welcome guests at their facilities.

Testi Kebab, which is a local dish of Cappadocia and cooked in special crooks, is served by cracking the crook after the meal is cooked. It is one of the specialities you should definitely taste. Moreover, specialties like Manti, beans from earth oven, Zerde and Dolaz will delight your taste buds.

On the whole, a wide range of activities are waiting for you if you are ready to visit Nevsehir.


The activities organized in Nevsehir and the nearby districts are attended by participants from both local and international arena.

The Avanos International Tourism and Crafts Festival held in September showcases creative products made with great efforts.

While the Vintage Festival held in October provides for a festive atmosphere, the wine competition organized at the festval awards prizes to the best high quality wines elected by wine experts.

The Haci Bektas-I Veli Commemoration Ceremony revered by everyone, is held by the end of summer each year. The masterpieces of the famous Anatolian musician from Ürgüp, Refik Basaran are presented at the Culture and Art Festivity held every year.

The Cappadocia Bycycle Festival held since 2010, invites cycling enthusiasts from all over the world to a 5-day tour in the region.

You are always welcome if you want to explore the amazing nature, history and cuisine of Nevsehir!