General Information

Antalya: with a history dating back to 133 BC and a name meaning “Home of Attalos” referring to the founder of the city Attalos, is a peaceful city situated at the slopes of the Taurus Mountains rich in scenic beauties and historical monuments.

Antalya which can be visited any season, is an indispensable touristic destination particularly during the summer. This "blue" city enchants its guests with its beautiful beaches and has the longest coastline in Turkey.

The most striking feature of Antalya are the terrific palm trees of the city which cool you with their shade and accompany you with their breeze on your way. Common in Antalya and adorning the city, palm trees are a sign of the mild Mediterranean climate of the city. Hot and dry during the summer and mild and rainy during the winter the city always gives the feeling of a warm home.

Known as “paradise on earth,” you will get carried away by the splendor of the stage of Aspenodos, the oldest antique theater of Africa and Asia, and behold the glorious stream of the world famous Manavgat waterfall.

The magnificent facilities in the city offer opportunities for many sports. Especially in a city famous for its golf it is only a matter of time that balls find their target.

Antalya, one of the leading tourism destinations of Turkey, with its ever growing potential and excellent nature invites its guests for an unforgettable holiday.

How can I get there?

Located in the south, Antalya is Turkey's most popular tourist area. Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, this coastal city offers many transportation options to reach the city.

You may reach the city by arriving at Antalya Airport near to the city center. The shuttles and vehicles of transfer services stationed outside of the exit gates provide convenient service and easy transportation to your holiday destination.

Alternatively, you may reach your holiday destination by taking one of the public buses leaving from the airport to the central bus station. Moreover, the taxis waiting at the airport are always ready to drive you to your destination.

Located at the junction of main roads the city can be reached after a beautiful and pleasant drive along the coast.

Antalya is a highly recommended city one should visit.


If you've come to Antalya, it means that you will have the opportunity to take part in many activities. Offered a variety of tourism alternatives, you can enjoy every day a different type of holiday.

The beauty of nature should be mentioned first. You may choose to swim in the blue sea stretching along the coast of blue flagged beaches under the warm sun or join a boat tour to explore the magnificently unique bays.

The world famous shores of Antalya; namely Aspendos, Olympos and Kas are available for both climbing enthusiasts and for those who want to enjoy the sun and the beach. These amazing corners of paradise are the first choice of vacationers who want to relax or have fun.

You can explore the several thousand year old history of the city by taking a tour at the Antalya Archeological Museum. In the meantime, the Termessos spas will share the secrets of relaxation and rejuvenation with you.

Golf being one of the most popular sports activities in the city, many hotels with golf facilities welcome their guests who want to relax and play golf on large and well equipped golf courses.

While natural rock formations and caves will invite you to embark on exiting adventures, various locations offering opportunities for outdoor sports such as rafting, diving, windsurfing and fishing will boost your adrenaline rush.

Welcoming guests throughout the year, Antalya with its Saklikent Ski Resort and Alanya Akdag Winter Sports Tourism Center expects also ski enthusiasts during the winter.

Antalya is one of the best representatives of the Turkish cuisine. It is highly recommended that you try particularly the bitter orange marmalade which is a local recipe of the region. You will not forget the taste of this delicious marmalade.

After a breakfast of delicious cheese, homemade jams and organic tomatoes you will feel energetic throughout the day. Local specialties of the Mediterranean cuisine such as stuffed zucchini flowers, toros salad and bean salad are awaiting you in Antalya.

It is up to you to choose from a variety of activities offered in Antalya. You will have a great time and leave with pleasant memories.