Uzungöl: Located within the province of Trabzon, one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Black Sea Region, Uzungöl, with its lush green nature and calm water, peacefully lies within a valley. 

Uzungöl is the lake that also names the village on its coast. Located in one of the outermost regions, Uzungöl is surrounded with high mountains and fresh air laden with the purest form of oxygen.

In Uzungöl, locals will greet you with their warm smiles and you will have the opportunity to discover the Black Sea region’s multicolored trees, culture and crystal clear waters.

On the road that ascends to the high plateaus, you will see many wooden houses and authentic locations.

One of the most colorful regions of Anatolia, Uzungöl is ever ready to welcome its guest any time of the year!


Uzungöl occupies quite a large area and is one of the greenest valleys of Black Sea Region, with its natural beauty and clean air.

Located between Kaçkar and Soğanli mountain ranges, the lake remains lively every season with its mild climate and impresses the visitors with its picturesque views.

The many settlements and boutique hotels made with wood and stone work, offer you options for accommodation and allow you to discover the village and its environs.

You will find opportunities to taste many local flavors in the cafes and restaurants around the lake, while enjoying the view.

The plateaus of Haldizen, Şekersu and Garester are within easy reach of Uzungöl and among the must-see destinations for any visitor who travels to the area.

You can take part in excursions to the many crater lakes located in the higher altitudes of the region and enjoy the exquisite views and breathe pure oxygen.

Due to its geographical varieties, the region is a perfect location for activities such as trekking and botanical observation.  The local people of the region are known for their hospitality and you will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional costumes of the region and their local dances.

The epitome of an abundant and scenic nature, Uzungöl is waiting to be discovered by visitors.