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  • How is the insurance system working on motorbike rental?

    There are different customer’s risk fees for every single motorbike.
    For example, insurance fee (customer’s risk) for XT 660R Yamaha is 700 Euros.

  • What are the requirements for renting a motorbike?

    Valid motorbike license
    Minimum age of 21
    Valid credit card or deposit(as cash)
    Sufficient motor driving experience
    Must have at least 2 years licensed driving experience

  • What should i do if i face any technical problem with my bike while i’m on the road?

    If your are in or close to Antalya, TBR’s technical service will be there in 2 hours.
    Even if you are out of Antalya, technical service that TBR will send you will arrive as soon as possible.(This period may change depending on the distance to city center)
    We should also add that this service is totally free!

  • How can i carry my luggage during long term rentals?

  • Can i rent a GPS for motorbike?

    Yes, and it costs 7 Euros per day.
  • What is included in the price?

    Chain lube
    Tyre repair spray
    Basic repair kit
    Topcase and luggage straps
    Maps and detailed information about your route

  • Prepayment ?

    It is not possible to refund the payment made for the reservation of motorbike, if the customer cancels the reservation or dos not arrive at the date of reservation.
  • Motorbike Tour out of Turkey?

    In order to complete the necessary paperwork, our guests who will attend to international tours must come to TBR office, at least 3-5 workdays before their tour.
  • Can i rent a motorbike while i’m in a city other than Antalya?

    Yes,but you would have to pay the expenditure.(Price may change according to location)
  • Can you deliver my motorbike to bus terminals, airports or hotel in the Antalya region?

    Yes,and this service is completely free.
  • Is it possible to rent a motorbike with guide?

    We do have a guided motorbike renting service, providing that you let us know prior to the renting process.
  • Could we rent a pickup for spare parts and luggages?

    You might hire a service personnel and rent a luggage, or a pick up truck for the back-up bike or the spare parts for populous and extended motorbike tours. (Please ask for the prices)
  • Can i learn the speed limits in Turkey ?

  • Can i call your company about any kind of problem(directions,hotel informations,shooping,health etc.) during the rental period?

    Yes,we are more than willing to help you 7/24.
  • Can i get to know TBR-team?

    Antalya - Güven
    Antalya - Zafer
    İran - Hossein
    Thailand - Mr.Arcom
    Adana - Bekir
    Balıkesir - Zafer
    Berlin - Tamer
    İstanbul - Burak
    Kayseri - Orhan
    Mr.Lama - BHUTAN
    Mr.Armagan - LONDON
  • Can i get a special price for long period rentals,or groups?

    Yes,you may ask to TBR offices about it.

    We wish you a pleasant and delightful motorbike-trip!.
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