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Saturday, April 10, 2021 10:54 PM

Iran Travel Advice

Iran’s image of being a terrorist driven, American bashing, nuclear weapon holding, burka clad society is something that has been highly driven mainly by western media. While breaking the rules of the Islamic society (including drinking alcohol, taking drugs and etc) can result in deportation, arrest or worse, general travel here is completely safe. The Iranian people are naturally kind, hospitable and generous. Provided you stick to the local customs and show respect when visiting holy places, you will never be made to feel unwelcome. Although more and more travellers are visiting Iran each year, foreigners are still a novelty. There’s little to no hostels and guesthouses, mostly big, expensive hotels (especially in Tehran) and finding a cheap place would be just a little more challenging than normal.

Not to be taken lightly are the few absolute rules:

  • Emphatically don’t take any alcohol into the country not ask for any when you are there.

  • Don’t forget to remove your shoes before entering mosques and private houses.

  • Don’t take any magazines or books with pictures of scantily clad women, which, even if you judge otherwise, could be considered offensive.

  • Do be aware that in most cities women should enter a local public city bus at the rear, and the men from the front.

  • Dress appropriately

  • International Credit cards do not work here, so do not come without cash!

  • Keep religious discussions to a minimal, otherwise you might find yourself in the middle of a hot debate.

Safety tips in long trips

  • Choose a day to travel the night before you sleep well.

  • In a day not more than 10-8 hour drive.

  • In short rest intervals to determine (at least once every two hours and 15 minutes longer than in towns along the way is the side of the road or parking)

  • When you stop for a short break out of the car and walk a few step. Little exercise and a few deep breath.

  • Light meals during the trip consumed.

  • Associated with having insurance and medications needed for patients is required.

In case of any accident resulting in human injury is to define the following :

  • Keeping our cool and calm the injured person gently check.

  • In case of severe damage, pain in the area of cervical vertebrae or other parts of the spine and avoid moving the injured immediately, please contact 115 emergency center.

  • In case of cardiac arrest – cardiac resuscitation breathing operation – Start lung.

  • In dealing with cases of fracture, the affected members as possible should the board, cardboard or splint, immobile and if deformation had broken the members try not to put it in place.

  • To prevent food entering the lungs caused by vomiting, the injured (if cervical spine injury is not considered) Bkhvabanyd side.

  • If you see bleeding, bleeding to place pressure directly enter.

Suggested equipment in first aid boxes :

  • Housing and fever

  • Anti-allergy pills (to treat allergies)

  • Tourniquet

  • Wound bond scheme

  • Gas sterilized

  • Glue and adhesive wound dressings

  • Sterile surgical blade and forceps

  • Article disinfectants like Betadine

  • China nail clipper or wire hooks to shred bank if, after entering the body, its head is out of place again.

  •  Sunscreen

  • Water purification tablets or similar

  • A match or lighter in waterproof packaging

  • Fire tablets alcohol to create a solid Foundation

  • Emergency blanket that sex is similar to aluminum paper weight is less than 10 grams to prevent injury or loss of body heat sun heat to fire victims.

  • Anti-diarrhea tablets in the case of sunstroke on otherwise Panel clinic is required and should not be poisoned by the drug administration, and only need water to compensate for lost body.

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