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Saturday, April 10, 2021 10:04 PM

Iran Currency & Money


The rial is the currency of Iran,Although Iranians often express amounts of money and prices of goods in “tomans”, however despitethe usage of “toman” verbally, amounts of money and prices of goods and services are virtually always written in rials.One toman isequal to ten rials.

Carrying Money

ATMs in Iran do not accept foreign (non-Iranian) cards also you can not use credit or debit cards,travellers cheques,so bring all the money you might need in cash for the duration of your stay, preferably in US dollars or Euros, because US dollars and euros are the most useful, and new and large (US$100 or €100 or higher,printed since 1996 ) bills in good condition are preferred and usually get a better rate.Whichever currency you choose,the most important thing to remember is to bring as much cash as you’re likely to need,then a bit more.Getting your hands on money once you’re inside Iran is a nightmare.Good to know if you are coming from Turkish side beware that anywhere else in Iran except Urmia, Turkish lira are effectively worthless.

Exchanging Money

For exchanging money, the easiest way to change money is at an official money-exchange office, you can go to authorized exchange offices in the cities or tourist areas where you can exchange your money where the whole deal is done in minutes ,unlike in most banks where it can take considerably longer and the rates are far lower than exchange offices.These offices are called “SARRAFI” in Farsi which is the equivalent word for exchange.There are also street exchangers in tourist areas or at the land borders who usually hold a bunch of banknotes and show them to people who are passing and shout Dollars, Pounds, Euros. This way of exchange is not legal and is not recommended.

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